What type of cycling lessons are there in Singapore and which one is for me

There are many different types of cycling lessons in Singapore to choose from, take your time in selecting the most suitable lesson for you! Think about it, what are you after? Ask yourself some questions. Are you new to cycling? Do you need to refresh your cycling skills? Do you want to try another type of biking? Do you want to be able to handle any rough terrains? In the following companies mentioned, cycling lessons are available to both children and adults. Lessons are tailored to your needs so do not worry about not being able to keep up, you will be learning by your pace!

There are two types of biking, recreational and off road biking. People who are new to cycling and looking to refresh their skills after not cycling for a while will opt for recreational  biking, which will be using hybrid bicycles, which is lightweight, fast and easy to pedal on. People who are looking to improve their skills to handle any terrains (on road and off road), as well as riding challenging slopes or uphill, will opt for mountain biking. Why? They have a cushy ride because of the suspension and an upright riding position that eases the rough rides over rocky terrains. You might be thinking that there is no difference between the bicycles but there are. The road bike for recreational biking is meant for pavement (smooth, lightweight and stable platform) whereas the mountain bike is meant for cycling anywhere (and is designed for durability).

There are varying levels of difficulty that will tackle different challenges in cycling. The companies listed below cover cycling differently, take a look and see which one is the best one for you.

  1. Cycle School SG

For both children & adults, they have 2 types of cycling lessons. The first type is normal biking, where they have 4 different levels to choose from. The first level is beginner, where they will learn the foundation of cycling. The second level is intermediate, where they will learn how to conquer the slopes and cycle confidently. The third level is advanced, learn basic safety and even cycling while standing on a bicycle! The fourth level is a refresher lesson, where you re-learn how to cycle and refine your skills. You can choose from an individual or group setting, in a private or public environment depending on your comfort level.

  1. Learn to Cycle SG

For both children & adults, they have both beginner and refresher lessons. In beginner lessons, they will learn the basics of cycling in a fun and engaging manner. In refresher lessons, will refine their skills as well as learn more about bike maintenance. They only offer these as private classes.

  1. Hon Kah Trading

Other than selling bicycles and accessories, they offer a cycling course for beginners as well. With one-on-one coaching, they will cover the basics and slope control all in one lesson. Their lessons are suitable for both children and adults!

  1. Doorstep Skating

They offer a beginner cycling class for both children and adults, only in a private group setting of a maximum of 3 pax. Using a different teaching method, they will cover the basics of cycling.

  1. Biking Singapore

For both children and adults, you can choose from either a private or group beginner class. Other than the beginner cycling lessons, they do offer refresher, safety and development cycling lessons. For development cycling lessons, they have 3 different courses – exploration, discovery and performance. Those 3 are more advanced courses than the beginner, from intermediate to advanced to outdoor biking.