Adult Cycling Lessons

Adult cycling lessons will allow you to develop the basics of cycling in a structured two-step balance method that minimises the possibility of falling. This method has been proven to be the most effective way to learn to ride a bicycle, even if you are certain you have no sense of balance and have failed many times before. Adult cycling lessons are designed to be instructional, easy, and painless.

If you’re an adult who wants to learn how to cycle, you’ll be pleased to know that cycling lessons are designed to be as systematic as possible. The balance method of learning to ride a bike has proven to be an effective technique. With the help of a patient and experienced instructor, you’ll master the skill of cycling in no time. 

Every adult is different, with varying motor skills, core strength, cognition, spatial awareness, and fear levels. The adult cycling lessons are formulated to be structured yet adaptable to the student’s needs when learning to cycle.

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You may choose an adult cycling lesson based on your needs below.

Beginner – Start cycling in 1 to 2 lessons!

Beginner ObjectivesDescription
Get your balance
  1. Posture
  2. Visual conditioning
  3. Steering balance
Start cycling!
  1. Pedaling
  2. Brakes application
  3. Turning initiation

Intermediate: Confidently cycle in public in 1 to 2 lessons!

Intermediate ObjectivesDescription
Conquer the slopes.
  1. Gear selection
  2. Cycling up and down slopes
  3. Circuit drills
Cycle in public with confidence!
  1. Hazard identification
  2. Rules of the road
  3. Cycling etiquette

Enhanced: Become a safer rider by refining your cycling skills!

Enhanced ObjectivesDescription
Learn to cycle whilst standing on a bicycle.
  1. Cycling in a straight line whilst standing on a bicycle
  2. Cycling and making turns whilst standing on a bicycle
  3. Cycling up / down slopes whilst standing on a bicycle
Overcome obstacles with confidence!
  1. Recovering from a skid
  2. Overcoming obstacles (curbs, potholes, etc)
  3. Lifting the front and rear wheel whilst cycling

Refresher: Refresh and refine your cycling skills in 1 lesson!

Refresher ObjectivesDescription
Re-learn to cycle
  1. Posture and visual conditioning
  2. Moving off and pedaling
  3. Turning and brakes application
Rebuild confidence on the slopes!
  1. Gear selection
  2. Cycling up and down slopes
  3. Circuit drills