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Want to learn to cycle in a few easy steps? Join us and learn in a structured, private and painless class with a certified patient coach!

  • positive review  Thanks coach! Thumbs up! Initial did worry Abt my Coordination...but i. Manage to ride after 2 lesson! Will continue more training to get myself more stable in taking turns and directions. 🙂

    thumb Regina Dino

    positive review  Signed up 1hr private lesson for my 5yr old daughter last Sunday. After 10mins only, my daughter is cycling on her own on 2 wheels! (Used to be playing balancing bike at home) Coach Fai is patience and gentle towards kids.

    thumb Nitro Sky

    positive review  I had tried learning how to cycle when I was young, but didn't succeed. Took the courage again after many years to pick it up, and went to Coach Faizal for help. He gave some useful starting tips, and by the end of the first lesson, I was able to steer myself while keeping the bike in balance. By the 2nd lesson, I was able to cycle straight along the length of a multi-storey carpark! And now after one more hour of practice, I can cycle for some 10 minutes without falling or stopping, and make turns and loops on the bike. I was overjoyed when I could achieve this in such a short time. I look forward to more guidance from Coach Faizal!

    thumb Shixin Koh

    positive review  We have been trying to learn to bike for a while and with Coach Faisal it finally happened. He just taught us a few techniques and we were riding the bike within 30 minutes. Thanks! 👍

    thumb Thirdy Lopez
  • positive review  thanks Fai for coaching my wife and 2 kids. surprised with their progress in just one lesson https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2332829520165822&id=100003163900481

    thumb Roger Ng

    positive review  Brought my 5 and 7 year old to learn cycling with Coach Fai over the Easter weekend. Worth the investment! From a zero base, my boys were able to cycle, make turns, go up and down slope within the 2 hours we signed up for. Coach Fai is a patient coach and his instructions easy for kids to comprehend. Most importantly, he is able to correct the errors made real-time before they become bad habits which makes learning easy and fast. I would highly recommend Coach Fai for any beginner out there, regardless of age and ability.

    thumb Saiful Saroni

    positive review  Absolutely amazing! My son learned how to ride a bike in less than 2 hours!

    thumb Bernard Man

    positive review  Coach Fai was patient and professional. He managed to teach my kid how to cycle within short time frame. Coach taught my girl the basics of balancing and this acquired skill has enable her to learn cycling with ease subsequently. Greatly recommended 👍🏻

    thumb Wendy Lim
  • positive review  Chanced upon Coach Fai’s contact while thinking of letting my kids pick up cycling during the school holidays. Lo and behold, they succeeded after a couple of sessions with Coach Fai. Both children progressed at their own pace and Coach was able to give clear and specific instructions to keep them going.

    thumb Priscilla Koh

    positive review  My 2 children (5 and 7 years old) attended 2 lessons and were able to cycle with 2 wheels. Systematic teaching and easy to understand.

    thumb Connie Ng

    positive review  My son could cycle after an hour lesson under the coach's teaching and needs more practice. He started without pedal and gradually learnt to cycle. The coach was patient to guide him and corrected his posture and moves. Class size was just right.

    thumb Ling Ho Mamalinglong

    positive review  Thanks Coach Fai. My daughter learns how to cycle in two wheels within a session. It’s been a long tiring journey getting her to practise and encouraging her by ourselves but Coach Fai managed to get her to do it within a lesson. It’s effective and amazing as we watched her progressed from balancing to pedaling. Now she can cycle alongside with us.

    thumb Xueling Xie
  • positive review  Thanks to Coach Fai's structured and effective methods, my 9 year old girl was able to cycle confidently within 2 lessons! At the beginning of the 1st lesson, she was very tentative, fearful, lacked confidence and I was doubtful if she will learn to cycle eventually. All doubts were subsequently erased and by the 2nd lesson, she was cycling enthusiastically and confidently. In addition to the lesson structure, Coach Fai's appropriate tips and corrections made the learning journey for my girl a very enjoyable one. Two thumbs up for Cycle School SG!

    thumb Edmund Baey

    positive review  Patience and step by step coaching! Recommended for kids who want to learn cycling!

    thumb Jason Ho

    positive review  Less than 2hrs and all 3 sons able to cycle on a sunday:)

    thumb A'nya AimAn

    positive review  One of the best investment for my son! 1st lesson-my son know how to balance and cycle. 2nd lesson-my son knows how to turn and go up and down slope. Trainer-Fai was awesome and super patience with my son. From zero knowledge to knowing how to cycle in two classes. THIS IS EPIC. THANKS FAI! ✌️Continue your ride 🙏

    thumb Lee Swee Tiong
  • positive review  My kids learned cycling within 2 hours. My son had a bad fall before so was scared of learning to ride. Coach Fai helped him overcome his fear.

    thumb Sammi Ng Lay Sun

    positive review  Fai is a patient and caring instructor. He provided me with appropriate techniques and modified his teaching instructions by observing my challenges while learning to cycle. I cycled in my 2nd session with him. He is a motivating instructor too.

    thumb Sundraes Haridas

    positive review  Really liked the method of teaching, which involves learning how to balance before integrating that with pedaling. The kids also took an optional lesson to learn how to go downslope and navigate around cones. Brought them to West Coast Park and all of us were able to cycle. It was great!

    thumb Ngoei Enying

    positive review  Excellent coaching! Coach Fai is patient and experienced.

    thumb Ruiwen Lin
  • positive review  Coach Fai is very patient and he’s an excellent coach. My son who has never learned how to cycle manage to cycle in an hour. Highly recommended to those who wants to learn cycling. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    thumb Yap Bee-Ian

    positive review  Amazing instructor who had me (a "grown-up", as the little student before me pointed out!) cycling within the first hour! I've tried learning before on my own and had friends teach me but never could get it until now. It's a testament to Fai's excellent training skills. He gives great guidance, his instructions are clear and simple, and his super cool, calm nature helps you relax and focus. Would absolutely recommend no matter your age!

    thumb Lisa Rahmat

    positive review  Excellent patient trainer!

    thumb 鄭雅云

    positive review  If you are like us and do not know how to teach your kids to cycle, I highly recommend Coach Fai! Not only was he patient with young children, his instructions to them were clear too. My 8 year-old daughter was so excited when she could cycle after just 30 mins into her first lesson! Very impressive!

    thumb Sue Abideen
  • positive review  my daughter has been trying to ride the bike for sometime and we have been trying to teach her to do it. hence when we took her to Cycle school SG and she cud ride in 20 minutes, we were soo pleasantly surprised.. Feisal the instructor was good with children and was clear on instructing..Do take you children here for their bike lesson. finding the place can be tricky (for us), but well worth it

    thumb Pahala NM

    5 star review  Loved the experience with Faizal! I got in touch with Faizal to arrange lessons for my 58 year old mother who has never cycled before and is quite scared of the prospect. Faizal was very prompt and we arranged a class for a weekend afternoon. He helped my mother get over her fear and even got her cycling independently a little on her first lesson! His staggered approach helped her gain confidence on wheels. Really appreciated his patience and professionalism. Would highly recommend!

    thumb Rachel Lim

    positive review  Excellent trainer.. my kids able to cycle after one lesson.. trainer has patience and built kids confidence.. highly recommended

    thumb Mohd Sidik

    positive review  Fai is an excellent coach. My daughter was slow but picks up cycling after just 1 lesson. Thanks you so much Fai.

    thumb Lim SoNick
  • positive review  Coach Fai was patient with kids. 8 year old Razeq just needed 2 x 1hr sessions and, he is up and 🚴‍♀️.

    thumb Md Rashed

    positive review  Thank you Faizel, for guiding n teaching my son to cycle. It was great to see him finally getting his balance after the first lesson. Will bring him back for subsequent lessons for him to learn proper courtesy, techniques n safety on riding along the park connectors. Many Thanks

    thumb Yih Chieh Seeto

    positive review  I have just completed 2 lessons of Level 1 cycling class with Coach Fai. It was an amazing learning experience from Coach Fai. Definitely recommended! “Able to ride a two-wheeled bicycle” is one of my bucket list for life. Having tried and failed multiple times to learn how to cycle, I thought I could never get this skill. I accidentally came across Cycle School SG’s website, although a lot of positive testimonials on their cycling class, I‘ve enrolled their cycling lession with skeptical with my own ability. Throughout the 2 hours lesson, I am able to pick up my cycling skill gradually and steadily in stress free environment. I’m truly thankful for Coach Fai’s structured teaching method. The most impressive part is he is able recommend useful drills for us to practice. In addition, he is able to identify our problem and correct it on the spot. I am looking forward to join level 2 and level 3 lessons in near future.

    thumb Lau Li Yung

    positive review  excellent and supportive instructor during my first lesson I don't know how to balance but after a few try i manage to balance. the 2nd is to know how to ride and cycle and i did it. now I can ride a bicycle anytime i want thank you for the support and encouragement

    thumb Maricel Legson Luares
  • positive review  My son first lesson today, can balance and even paddle without falling. also learn right turn and left turn. Fantastic coach.

    thumb Josephine Chiu

    positive review  Surprise that my 8-year old girl can cycle in 2 lessons. We tried to teach her ourselves for many many times and never succeed. Highly recommended.

    thumb Phyllis Yeo Sze Peng

    positive review  Fai helped my boy to ride bicycle in 15 min. Granted that my boy was already ok with scootering, Fai teaching tips got my boy up and running with cycling very quickly. He also gave some extra tips in riding up n down slopes as he saw my boy was progressing quickly. One of most productive one hour lesson that my boy had in his life!!

    thumb Ronnie Ong

    positive review  Fai was great with both my kids, who started with no basics but ended up proudly peddling (and a sparked interest) after 2 lessons. He patiently analysed their learning styles, physical capabilities and adjusted his teaching approach to them.

    thumb Karen Chin
  • positive review  Excellent instructor . True to promise can cycle after one lesson of an hour. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn and start biking. ... Thanks Fai for the work with Raphael.

    thumb Juet Ling

    positive review  Fantastic coaching.. patient & supportive. My Son (not the sporty & agile type) can cycle just after 1 lesson! So for those with no time & no patience... strongly recommended to try out Cycle School!👍

    thumb Annie Wong

    positive review  5 stars Had wonderful experience. My Son learned to cycle in 1st class itself without any support. Fai is a wonderful coach. My Son could not believe he was cycling in 1st class. My Son very happy to go back for another lesson and learn more. Fai is very patient and motivating too. Thank you very much. Highly highly recommended.

    thumb Sonalii A Dani

    positive review  Experienced instructor. All gear provided so it's a totally hassle-free lesson. Location is great too for beginners.

    thumb Erica Khoo

Learn to cycle with Cycle School SG in a structured and effective program that will enable you to take part in the joys of cycling. Overcome the fear of falling and achieve balance intuitively. Overcome mental barriers, being told that you cannot balance, cannot coordinate, too old, too big to learn. Everyone young and old welcomed!

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