how much are cycling lessons in Singapore

How Much Are Cycling Lessons In Singapore?

The fees for cycling lessons differ throughout the different companies that offer them in Singapore. Depending on the companies, some might charge for bike rental. You can save additional costs on bike rental and safety gears such as helmets, gloves, elbow and knee guards. The difference in prices is usually based on the duration of each lesson/session and the setting of the class. Each lesson/session usually runs between 1-2 hours. If you need more hours after classes or follow up classes, there will definitely be extra charges. The setting of the class refers to whether it is a private one-on-one class, a private group class or group class where you can join a public class and make new friends too!

TIP: ​If you want to save on additional costs, there are bike rental kiosks and companies where you can choose from a wide selection of bicycles and rent at an affordable price!​ But

Other than just looking at the fees on the surface, make sure to read more in details of their class outlines. See what you are paying for, what do they cover in each lesson. Choose suitable classes that tailor to your needs. Not all companies offer the same classes, they might offer the same variety of levels of cycling but choose according to what you are looking to learn.

What the companies all share in common is; there is no difference in the fee for children and adult cycling lessons. Instead of having to compile the information yourself, we have created a comparison table to assist you in your decision making!

do remember, even for normal cycling lessons, please rent mountain bikes as it will make the

process easier and handling them is more convenient even for a newbie!


Cycle School SG: 

Private Individual: $90/student.
Private group (family setting): $75 /per student
Group (max 5 pax): $60 /per student
*Each session is 1hour. 

Promotion: Free to stay an hour for practice. Safety Gear Provided, Bike also provided (no need to rent).

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Learn To Cycle SG:

2 sessions private: $200/student; subsequent classes: $110/student
*Bike rental during practice not included in the fee


Biking Singapore:

Private: $200/student
Group rate per student: $60
Refresher: $100/student

*Bike rental during practice not included in the fee


Hon Kah Trading 

Weekdays and PH: $100/student

Doorstep Skating
1-hour cycling single session: $70 /per student, $50 /per student (2 pax class)
2-hours cycling single session: $120 /per student $80 /per student (2 pax class)

*Bike rental during practice not included in the fee

With this compilation of choices and prices, you won’t need to search far and wide on the web with so many tabs to find which are the most affordable cycling lessons there are in Singapore. Whether you are just looking to start a new and healthy hobby or learn a life-long skill, these single classes and package deals should be enough to keep you occupied for a while! Hurry and book the classes now!