Best cycling lesson in Singapore

There is no “best” cycling lesson out there that reigns 1st among all the companies. You have to consider many factors when thinking about which is the best cycling lesson in Singapore. Each company has a different teaching structure and methodology, they tackle different elements and that is what makes them unique from the rest. In cycling, there are companies that might specialize and excel in other areas as compared to the rest. Hence, you should read up more about them before selecting and settling with one.

Questions that you want to ask yourself first: 1. What kind of cycling do you want to learn? – There is normal and mountain biking. Normal biking is what most people go for, it is the foundation of all cycling. Mountain biking is more advanced, for example, for those who want to cycle in Pulau Ubin, you will need to know the basics of mountain biking such as gear changing for the rough and uneven paths. ​Cycle School SG​ provides mountain biking lessons for both children and adults.

2. What is the class outline for each lesson/session? – Cycle School SG​ and Biking Singapore offer the widest selection of cycling lessons. You can choose from different difficulty levels – beginner to advanced, as well as mountain biking classes and cycling safety courses.

3. Do they cover what you want to learn? – See what objectives they have planned out for each class. Don’t be afraid to contact them for more details if you are not sure what they cover. For example, ​Cycle School SG has the outlines of each class stated in detail. A beginner class with them, the objectives are the basis of cycling and balance. They further describe them as pedalling, turning and brakes application (for the basis) and posture, steering and visual conditioning (for balance).

4. How can one advance from a beginner cycling class? – For some, you have to pass their beginner class to advance to the next level, just like playing a video game! But for some, you can opt to go to whichever that suits you. If you think you have mastered certain elements, you can go straight to the class that covers what you have not learnt or mastered.

5. Is there a refresher class that you can opt to go only? – Yes! Most cycling companies in Singapore offer refresher classes, they are priced the same as regular classes. Refresher classes are not only to redefine your riding skills, but some companies like Learn to Cycle SG and ​Cycle School SG​ can also teach you the basics of bicycle maintenance.

6. How available are the coaches?
– That depends on each company, you will have to contact and talk to them more. Do see their schedules too, some of them have calendars on their websites that show the available slots.

7. How long do you think you need for each lesson? – The lessons usually last for 1 hour, 1.5 hour or 2 hours. It also depends on how much they are covering over that period of time. But remember, if you go for a 2 hours lesson, some companies might charge you for the extra hour if you feel tired and stop the lesson after an hour into it. So if you think an hour is all you need, go for it!

The “best” cycling lesson in Singapore is different for everyone. Everyone has different needs that are catered to by different companies. One might excel at something that the other might not. But if one company can answer to all your needs, that is the best cycling lesson for you.