2 lessons and good to go…

I just never got around to learning how to cycle as a kid so being in my late 20s it felt like its about time I got that sorted. I bought a bike and I could marginally cycle around with much difficulty but always wondered if it’s supposed to be this challenging. That’s where Fai came into the picture. He spent a large part of the first lesson just observing and assisting in resolving certain bad habits I had formed by trying to self teach. This went on for pretty much the whole of the first lesson and lo and behold, I was able to cycle without any problems at all that night on my own bicycle. The coolest bit was since I already knew how to pedal off safely in perfect balance, we spent the whole of the lesson 2 learning braking techniques and gear selection in at a beautiful location. The whole learning and refining process has been such a breeze thanks to the personalised coaching and structure. I’m now a happy owner of a new Cannondale and intending to take this to the next level.