Hello all cyclist-wannabes!

Hello all cyclist-wannabes! Have you ever envied those who could cycle but too embarrassed or fearful to learn because of your age? You’re certainly not alone.

I’m 26 and I couldn’t cycle till last month due to the nasty injury I sustained when I tried cycling during my younger days. That injury also left a psychological scar and I never returned to the 2-wheels again. Some years ago, I tried to cycle with my friend but was never able to balance. I gave up that instance and was convinced that I would never be able to cycle. Last month, I attended a camp where cycling was one of the planned activities. I had to fabricate some story to get myself excused from that activity. It was purely embarrassing and I knew I can’t continue like this.

After breaking the camp,I googled on some cycling coaches, especially those who could coach adults and that’s when I chanced upon Fai’s website which was convincing. He only made two promises to me before I started my sessions: That I’d only require 4 sessions at most and that I’ll never fall off my bike, and he kept his word. He strategically planned my lessons and I was cycling within my third session! The feeling of cycling without any assistance and fear is purely exhilarating! It was ecstatic and my self esteem soared! I was able to cycle effortlessly during my fourth session and Fai brought me to Gardens by the Bay to experience and enjoy cycling just like every other cyclist. I was absolutely skeptical and apprehensive before I began my lessons and even tried convincing Fai that I wouldn’t be able to cycle so soon. But he so proved me wrong and unleashed the potential in me. I can’t thank him enough for making me realize a dream that I never thought would come true.

So for all those adults who haven’t given yourself a chance, please do so right now! It’s never too late to learn a new skill and I can vouch that you are in good hands. Fai is an amicable and motivating coach and rest assured that the entire process would be painless and fun. Happy cycling everyone!