Nigeria to London and I learnt it in Singapore

I had arrived in Singapore not too long ago for a job assignment as seeing that I did not really know anyone here, it was a god opportunity to learn to cycle. A quick goolge search turned up Fai and his structured lessons.

It has been a bit of a challenge for me to learn in London with the grey weather and cobblestone streets but it seems everyone knows how to cycle there. So I thought, here’s a good chance to lean away from the usual prying eyes.

Lessons were easy and by the end of the first, I definitely had improved my sense of balance. It was amazing when everything just “clicked” in. By the end of lesson 2, I was up and cycling on 2 wheels. I just did not expect it to be this easy really. I was a bit wobby still but unfortunately, I had to make a hasty departure from Singapore. I assured Fai I will continue with practise and he assured me that once you know how to balance, the rest is easy. And he is right!