Where to cycle in Singapore

5 Best Cycling Routes in Singapore for All Types of Bikers

While biking around the city streets is generally encouraged in Singapore, still, wouldn’t it be nicer to cycle in an unhampered trail? Somewhere you can just freely pedal your way through without having to worry about the heavy traffic, fast-changing street lights, as well as honking of vehicles? Luckily, Singapore’s National Parks board makes sure to maintain an abundant amount of trails so casual bikers and serious cyclists can enjoy cycling without having to risk oneself. So the question is, where to cycle in Singapore?

1. For Scenic Lover: East Coast Park

East Coast Park is one of the best spots to cycle in if you are looking for a more scenic route. The recreational area was built on a reclaimed land with a man-made beach inside, which you can see from where the cycle path is. Young and adult cyclists alike will definitely enjoy the breeze of fresh air along these shaded beachside paths. If possible, make sure to plan a morning ride so you can catch the beautiful sunrise from Bedok Jetty.

2. For the Laid-Back Cyclist: Palau Ubin

Palau Ubin, a humble island situated at the Northeast coast of Singapore, should be at your go-to place if you want to cycle in a rural village surrounding. Pedaling around the island gives off a laid-back vibe, with its magnificent shoreline, lush greenery, and fresh air.

3. For the Adventure Junkie: Bedok Reservoir Park

Bedok Reservoir Park is perfect for the sport junkies who would want to have a good time with water sports after enjoying a good pedal around the park. The 4.3km pavement path is perfect for beginners and non-beginners alike. Apart from the variety of activities offered in the park, one may also enjoy observing various wetland plants and unique birds scattered all over the area.

4. For the Thrill-Seeker: The Southern Bump

The Southern Bump is one of Singapore’s most challenging cycling tracks. The route is made of small, sharp hills including a 17% incline on Vigilante Drive. The track amounts to a total of 20km, which can be finished within 2 hours. Challenging it is but cyclists will definitely see the worth once they made it to the top Pender Road, where you’ll find a mountain-top café and some of Singapore’s most amazing views. Definitely one for the books.

5. For the Busy Urban Dweller: Bishan Park

Bishan Park is the perfect balance between natural and manmade architectural wonders. This urban park is perfect for those who do not have time to go out of the city but still would like to take a quick break from the hustle and bustle of it. Wide cycling track plus an awesome view of the entire park, what else can you ask for? Don’t forget to bring in a picnic basket that you can enjoy after some good ride.

Whether you’re beginner or a pro, there’s surely something for you on our Where to Cycle in Singapore list. Make sure to work your way up, level up your game by moving on to a more challenging trail each time so you’ll keep improving your cycling skills!

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