The Mental Health Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is quite a popular activity for people who want to lose weight or maintain a healthy physique. With its effectiveness, practicality, and sustainability, an increasing number of people are cycling as their regular form of workout. Studies say that cycling isn’t just good for the physical wellness of the body. Scholars suggest that riding a bike is actually linked with brain power.

What exactly are the benefits of cycling to the human brain? Pens out! We will all find out today.


1. Cycling Improves our Subjective Mood



Statistical analyses show that people who have active lifestyle and regularly engage in casual physical activity have better overall well-being than those who do not. It has been said that even half an hour of daily exercise helps improve an individual’s subjective mood, which greatly affects one’s health as well. Good thing there are a lot of bike-friendly areas in Singapore. We can easily integrate cycling as one of our regular physical activity.


2. Cycling Improves Self-Esteem



In today’s social media age, it’s becoming much harder to differentiate digital life from the real world. Whether we admit it or not, sometimes, it causes us to have a lower self-esteem, doubt our achievements, and pressure ourselves to constantly be better than those people we see online. Cycling is a good way to counter social media blues. Again, studies show that physical activity and self-esteem has a connection in a way that the former impacts the later significantly. Scholars say that just a little casual pedaling can already have an overall positive effect on the way you perceive yourself.



3. Cycling is a Good Antidepressant


Research shows, high levels of physical activities lead to a huge decrease in risk of developing clinical depression later on in one’s life. Furthermore, there are studies which say that physical activities are also effective psychotherapeutic techniques to treat those who are already suffering from depression. For this, cycling is a very good option—its sustainable, practical, and can be enjoyed by the whole family and friends.



4. Cycling Reduces Stress


Whether in young students or working adults, stress is inevitable. There are a lot of factors that may trigger such in our day-to-day lives. While each person has a different way of coping up with stress, one of the most recommended by health professionals is doing exercise. According to science, a raise in the production of endorphins, which is facilitated by doing physical activities, helps relieve tension, lights up the mood, and stabilizes sleeping pattern caused by stress.



5. Cycling Sharpens Your Memory


Memory loss is another normal part of a body’s aging process. As one ages, it is typically harder to keep a sharp memory. Physical activities such as cycling help build up new brain cells in the hippocampus. This is the area of the brain that is responsible for one’s memory.



6. Cycling Improves Creativity


Many creative people turn into cycling when they are suffering from a mental or creative block. Taking a time off of a screen, paper, or canvas, and seeing a fresh environment outside the four walls of an office or a studio helps stimulate the creative juices.

You see, cycling doesn’t benefit your physical being only. More importantly, your mental wellness gets a good amount of advantage as well. Start pedaling today and enjoy better mood, improved thinking, and lesser stress.


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