Top 10 Reasons to Cycle in the City

Singapore — A 500km network of routes through and around the country has made Singapore one of Asia’s most bicycle-friendly destinations 

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When you think about cycling, you think about health. The main reason people are cycling is to get in shape or keep a healthy body. Cycling as an exercise is excellent, especially if you live in areas with bicycle lanes. 

As Singapore is slowly developing into a cycling city, many people are starting to consider cycling. If you don’t know how to cycle, you can consider learning now. CycleSchool SG offers programs for children or adults who wish to learn and improve their cycling techniques. 

Here are ten reasons why it’s delightful to cycle in Singapore:

  1. Walking and hiking have been popular since the pandemic, but there is a range of cycling trails and pathways around Singapore that you didn’t know about. 
  1. Fitness – it’s a no-brainer. Anyone who cycles or bikes takes the opportunity to do so as a way to burn calories. Recent studies show how you can improve your weight gain and immune system. It is also a great cardio exercise.
  1. Biking makes you smarter – according to studies. Biking is a form of exercise, and daily exercise can help prevent mental decline, hone your memory and enhance your overall brain performance. It also makes you focus better on your work.
  1. It saves you a lot of money. As gas prices spike, it is essential to have a second option. Aside from MRTs and LRTs, you can always use your bike on a regular workday. It’s hitting two birds with one stone – you don’t need to hit the gym after work, and you save money!
  1. Cycling is an environmentally friendly activity. According to Science Daily, swapping the car for walking, cycling, or e-biking even once a day significantly impacts personal carbon emissions. According to Lead Researcher Dr. Christian Brand from the University of Oxford, “If just 10% of the population were to change travel behavior, the emissions savings would be around 4% of lifecycle CO2 emissions from all car travel.” Therefore, if you want to make a difference, you can try cycling for a change, no matter how small.
  1. It is generally suitable for all fitness levels because you can go at your own pace. The bike saddle holds 70% of your body weight, so there is low joint pressure. 
  1. Cycling helps fight depression, according to recent studies. A 2007 Cycling England review report states that ” cycling has a positive effect on emotional health – improving well-being, self-confidence, and tolerance to stress while reducing tiredness, difficulties with sleep, and a range of medical symptoms.”
  1. Singapore has 24+ Cycling Routes and Bike Trails to enjoy with the family. Cycling is suitable for your body, and you can also bring your whole family to a fun-filled Sunday afternoon on biking trails. You can gather your friends for an adventure as well. Make sure all of you can cycle. You can refer your friends or your kids to a patient coach to help them prepare for the extensive biking trail. 
  1. Be more social by joining a cycling club or group! What better way to meet new people outdoors than by joining a club that everyone can enjoy and benefit from. It is an excellent opportunity to connect with locals and find people with similar interests!
  1. We kept mentioning a better body, but we forgot how cycling contributes to better sleep. According to the University of Georgia, physical activity contributes to restful sleep, making you feel more calm and relaxed, especially when you experience insomnia. Physical fitness includes cycling as it is an overall form of exercise. 

There may be more reasons to cycle, most of them related to health. It is essential to learn the proper way of cycling and know the rules set by the city to ensure public safety. To learn cycling and understand the basics, enroll in a responsible and patient coach at Cycle School SG. Call us directly to book an appointment at +65 97552844. You may also follow our Facebook Page at for more updates.