How Kids can Overcome Cycling Fear

A lot of our children experience trauma at an early age. Trauma can bring fear and PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) following an accident. Bicycle-related injuries are prevalent in small children who recently learned to ride bicycles. 

If you have a child who’s scared of trying a bicycle or learning how to cycle, there are several ways we can help your child feel safe and secure and learn how to cycle the right way.

When learning something new, the first thing you have to remember is: TO ENJOY THE PROCESS. The first bike ride must be memorable. Learning something new might be stressful for some, but beginners can easily take the lessons by heart with proper guidance.

Kids are naturally good at something. But when you give the children the right attitude and the proper lesson, they will emerge successfully with a new skill.

Here are 6 tips for getting reluctant rides to learn cycling:

  1. Get the right kind of help.

Why do we send our kids to school? Schools are equipped with the right tool and systems to coach their kids in the lessons they need to learn. When you have a patient coach, learning won’t be so formidable. Riding a bicycle needs more than just balancing, so when you enroll your child in Cycle School SG, you’re taking the emotional anxiety out of the equation. 

  1. Keep the right attitude towards the learner.

When the child feels scared about learning how to cycle, you don’t have to force them. Encouraging the learner will help lessen the anxiety. Instead of saying, “it’s going to be fun!” or “Biking is easy.” try something more realistic like “You might fall, and it might not feel great, but you will have a coach to help you learn the best techniques.” 

“You are not alone; the coach will be there to help you and give you guidance.” 

This type of approach will help your child feel assured. Positive reinforcement will lessen the nervousness and make them feel secure. 

  1. Be optimistic about your child’s progress.

We learn things differently. Some learn faster than others. Cycling is a skill, and other kids may learn it during the first hour. Some need more time. Keep an open mind. Don’t pressure your child into learning it in one go. Motivate your child to grow from each practice and praise your child for trying to learn and even failing. “Great job” or “Nice try, let’s try again.” These thoughtful words may sound easy, but impatience can get in our way when your student often fails.

4. Give small incentives

Some kids want to learn to cycle, and it’s worth it to fall down a few times to get it. Others don’t feel the same way. If it’s more noteworthy that the kids learn to bike than it is to them, the promise of a bonus like ice cream can help them buy-in. Don’t go crazy promising an expensive thing, though – if the stakes are too high, it will only add intimidation.

5. Don’t be too dramatic

When you’re as anxious as your child, you will also make your child feel anxious. Try to relax and enjoy their progress. Your child may fall a few times, give them a smile and a reassurance that everything will be ok. Resist the urge to pick them up everytime they fall. Reaffirm their goal – to learn how to balance and cycle! Just like any skill, progress can take time for some so don’t give away too much anxiety and let your child learn everytime they fall! (Make sure they wear the right safety gear)

6. Create a goal

When a learner has a goal in mind, they will always re-evaluate their values towards learning. Having a goal promotes a good attitude towards learning a skill and makes you more motivated to try. Discuss with your child the goal you wish to set. It can be as simple as “if you learn how to cycle now, you can join us on Sunday”. Nothing extreme but more inclusive. Research shows that helping a child set effective goals will help them stay motivated in the process.

Teaching an anxious child how to cycle can be a bumpy ride. Take everything by heart and give your child a chance to learn with an efficient coach who is capable enough to teach beginners and apprehensive learners. 

Cycle School SG not only provides proper training for beginners and children but also has the heart to teach them. Help your child overcome fear today like theme:

“My son attended 2 lessons with Coach Fai. First lesson to get used to the bike and balancing using both legs pushing and gliding. Second lesson to get used to peddling with one leg on peddle and the other leg pushing. After that just a few days of practicing on his own using the above techniques and off he goes cycling on both legs! Thanks Coach Fai for the useful cycling techniques.” 

-Kenneth Ng

“Took me just 2 lessons to finally learn how to cycle! I remember how intimidating it was to learn how to cycle at public parks but over here, you don’t feel alone as you see other adults struggling to balance and cycle just like yourself 👍

The coach gives clear and effective cycling techniques and corrects you when he sees a wrong posture or move. I strongly recommend this cycling coach/school to all budding cyclists!”

-Jaime Chan

Hundreds of children and even adults learned how to cycle in Cycle School SG. You can send us an inquiry through this link or call our number +65 9755 2844. You can also visit our Facebook page at to check for updates and schedule.