I did it!

I’ve been wanting to ride a motorcycle for quite sometime but was lacking the confidence to take up the challenge as I have no sense of balance on 2 wheels. A quick search and I found Fai. He assured me that I will learn safely and I did. At the start it did not occur to me that I will be able to learn this at all but I figured I had nothing to lose as Fai does guarantee results 🙂

The whole process was very structured and he focused on coaching step by step at a ideal pace for me. The surprise came on the 3rd lesson where my apprehension was transformed to elation on getting the feel of pedalling on 2 wheels for the first time. It was an amazing feeling and by the last lesson I was able to confidently cycle on my own unassisted and safely in a real world environment.

I did it and oh what a joy it is.