A sense of achievement

Learning how to cycle as an adult can be an overwhelming thought. Many of us no longer possess the freedom of fearlessness that we see in children. I cycled a bit in my youth but after a painful accident I never felt comfortable riding bike again. After many more YouTube worthy calamities cycling as an adult I realised what I really needed was a refresher in the art of cycling. I sought out Fai’s services and much to my delight, found it was a worthwhile investment.

The advantages of employing someone is:

a.) you will not not feel as self conscious learning in front of a stranger

b.) they understand how to give you well structured lessons

Fai’s teaching style is to be nurturing and respectful. He is professional and will not try to motivate you by making fun of your mistakes (which, sadly in Asia, I find happens more often than not.) He initially asks questions about what one hopes to achieve and once you meet, he quickly susses your learning style and delivers clear instructions. Fai taught me essential tricks so that I could refine my technique, without which, I doubt I would have developed on my own through trial and error.

Within two lessons I was cycling with ease and confidence. I now own my very first bike and commute to work on it. The sense of achievement alone during my lessons was priceless and I am even more pleased to see that it has had a positive influence on my life.

Cycling an important skill to have and it is even more crucial that you know how to do it correctly. It will keep you, as well as those around you safe and get you gliding from A to B in style. If any professional should teach you this skill, it is definitely Fai. So overcome whatever may be holding you back and get in touch with him.