What is cycling about: Michelle shares her thoughts

What is cycling all about?

Cycling is about the thrilling speed and gracefulness when I am swooping down the road to Marina Barrage and Changi Point.

Cycling is about awesome beauty and  the pretty colors as I admire the amazing nature that surrounds me: swaying trees, beautiful flowers, lovely birds and the cool waters.

Cycling is about overcoming fears and gaining confidence when I am struggling up the steep slopes of Mount Faber.

Cycling is about turning the pedals and passing roads , PCN and reservoirs I’ve never seen before and turning yet an ordinary day into something extraordinary which I will always remember.

Cycling is about overcoming the odds when under the hot sun or thunderstorm, pedalling hard to reach the next point of destination and knowing that I will arrive because I believe I can.

Yet , to cycle is about being safe, quick, staying alert and focus, and be meticulous on safety rules.

Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep my balance I must keep moving forward.

All these are possible because I make the choice to begin this amazing Biking Journey of Life.

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