The Best Beginner-friendly Cycling Routes In Singapore

Beginner-friendly Cycling Routes To Explore In Singapore

Cycling outdoors is probably one of the most fun and liberating experience a new learner in biking can have. However, choosing the most suitable place and route to cycle is a must for some roads can be too risky for beginners. If you are someone seeking for an adventure whilst trying to apply your new knowledge in biking, here are some of the most beautiful and welcoming bike routes you can choose from for your next escapade:

1. Pasir Ris Park

A track that stretches for more than 7 km is probably one of the most fitting routes for beginners to cycle in Singapore. With the peaceful beach setting and abundant shade coming from the trees, one can surely find comfort from the heat of the sun. This park’s designated path for cyclists proves it is a safe and ideal place for beginners to fully practice on two wheels. Moreover, this park’s mangrove forest will surely delight those who loves nature.

2. East Coast Park

Looking for a place to cycle where you can also enjoy the beautiful coastline? Well, East Coast Park is exactly what you are looking for. With a coastline that stretches for over 15 km and with a designated cycling lane, beginners along with their family and friends can surely enjoy this park. Aside from the scenery, everyone can love this route as they can also go on food trips along the way at the East Coast food centre.

3. Bedok Reservoir Park

If you are in need of a bicycle route that is not just beginner-friendly but also kid-friendly, then this park in Bedok suits your requirements. Having 4.3 km long pavement and pebbly path that surrounds the lake, everyone can find a spot to stay here. If you are family, you can go on a picnic here while your kids are freely playing or cycling.

4. West Coast Park

Aside from serving as a fun playground for kids and kids at heart, West Coast Park also serves as a great cycling place for beginners. Also known as “Play Centre in the West”, this park has a designated biking track where cycling learners can enjoy. Another great thing is that, in case the the little beginners need a break from practicing their pedaling, they can go take a break and have fun playing in theplayground.

5. Upper Seletar Reservoir Park

Surround yourself with relaxing scenery while practicing your confidence on two wheels for this park’s atmosphere promotes peace. Known not just to cyclists but also to joggers and walkers, this place is ideal for beginners in biking. This is is due to that smaller amount of people that is usually in here. Furthermore, there are a lot of cycling routes through this park, but novices might want to take it easy for now.