Systematic and straight-to-the-point

Taken from Facebook:

Fai has a very systematic and straight-to-the-point way of breaking down the steps in Cycling, and getting us to practise these steps before combining them together. I had a fear of Cycling due to an incident in the past and Fai was very certain and confident I will be able to cycle within the first hour. And I did, much to my surprise. Fai also helped me get over the fear of going down slopes and gave me some pointers on how to cycle down.

My Husband and I were also surprised and happy that our 8-year-old son was able to cycle at the end of the 2h, under Fai’s guidance. He was also very encouraging, which made the difference. If left to us, we would probably still get our Son to cycle on his own, but it would have taken ages and definitely not within 2h.

So thanks Fai for your time. And we will arrange another session with you to finetune our cycling.

Christina and Tyler