It’s like achievement unlocked!

Taken from Facebook:

I had no idea I’d be able to pedal off on my own in just a couple of lessons. I consider myself so poor in balance that I thought I just would not get it. Ever. Yet I started to wheel myself up and down the slopes by the third, go for unassisted take-offs on the fourth, and started to feel relaxed when cycling around Marina Barrage just an hour ago.

The thing with Fai’s one-to-one is the pacing of the lessons, which he will speed up or slow down depending on how well I got the technique. There’s no undue pressure. The more relaxed I got, the more I got it. And he teaches a lot of use techniques, with standing everything (standing start, standing stop, standing mid-pedal, etc.), gears, turning. It’s like achievement unlocked!

I highly recommend taking his lessons. Especially when you’re in doubt.