If only I found out about these lessons earlier!

I started this cycling journey sending many enquiries to Fai about how the lessons would be conducted, the cost, location and so forth. Despite my train of questions, he was happy to answer them all, demonstrating his patience, knowledge and experience in teaching cycling.

Before I started the lessons, I remembered having doubts about being able to cycle at the end of 4 lessons. It seemed like such a tremendous feat to accomplish, given that I had tried learning on my own and with the help of friends but without much success.

With Fai’s structured lessons, I was able to learn cycling bit by bit, a task at a time. That gave me a little confidence to progress on to the next exercise of the lessons. Although I took the lessons in a group setting, Fai rotated his attention among us, giving us individual coaching on our progress. It was great to be able to learn together with others, observing how they have done it right or noting the mistakes they made. The group lessons were also less stressful for me since Fai’s attention was distributed, giving me moments to practice on my own and to figure things out.

If only I found out about these lessons earlier!