Fun and stress-free learning experience

I was searching for a coach to teach my 2 girls aged 5yo & 7yo to cycle. I came across Cycle School and it was one of the cheaper options out there plus can learn to ride in 2 hours (other schools were 3 hrs) so it was great. Called Fai & he suggested to split into 2 1-hour lessons cos my 5yo might be too tired after an hour which was good. I was also happy that it was only my 2 kids to 1 coach for the lessons. Arrived on Sat for the 1st lesson. It was held almost at the top deck of a multi story carpark, which was sheltered against sun & rain. The floor was relatively smooth so it doesn’t really hurt much if you fall. It was also a relatively wide area so its good for beginners. The right sized bikes were provided based on the kid’s height. Pedals removed and off they went rolling and trying to balance. It was a surprise that after half an hour, Fai suggested to put pedals on my 5yo’s bike (she is quite the dare-devil). And she started cycling!!! But also probably cos I started her on a balance bike just the week before. Anyway, the next day (Sun), my 7yo who is quite timid started cycling too!!! So overall very happy. Fai was also good with the kids and it was a fun and stress-free learning experience for them. Fai also helped to adjust the seat height and brakes on my girls’ new bikes. Just yesterday, my 5yo was asking when is her next cycling lesson cos it was fun. So that speaks for itself. Two thumbs up!!!