Taken from Facebook:

“Fai is **AWESOME**

My trio aged 6, 12 & 15 were cycling successfully barely 10 minutes into their 2nd lesson, I could not be more pleased with the results.

Friends laughed when they heard I was getting cycling lessons for my kids cos during ‘our’ times, we simply learned from trial and error (+ scrapped knees / elbows / hands) ourselves. Some also asked why I didn’t just teach my kids myself. Well I did not fancy getting a sore back from having to hold and push bikes for 3 kids whilst they try to get their balance! I would not be able to do it for my 15yo anyways cos he’s a head taller than me!!

Lessons with Fai proved to be the right decision. 100% success. No stress for me, kids had fun and nobody suffered any scrapped body parts! Definitely worth every cent.

Maggie for Adam / Chloe / Shaun