It was an amazing and great experience! Thank you Fai

It was an amazing and great experience! Thank you Fai!

My daughter have tried few times to learn how to cycle but to no avail. And I don’t know how to encourage her because I myself don’t know how to ride a bike. It was that one time when we went cycling with friends that my daughter felt sad that she’s the only one cycling with a training wheel.

So I searched for a coach to teach her and I came across Cycle School. As I read along the testimonials of other people who went for this lesson, my interest grew more and more. “Maybe I can also try this for myself”, I thought. The following day, I message Fai and we have come up to a 2-day lesson (1hr/day), that is, for me and my daughter.

Day 1 comes, my daughter is excited but a bit hesitant that she can balance with 2 wheels. But with Fai’s guidance, patience and encouragement, we are able to attain the goal for the day – 2 wheel balance. It was tiring and yet my daughter is so happy. And so did I.

Following Saturday, we went for the next lesson. This time, the pedal is on. We balance, pedal, turning to the left and right.
We go round and round to the spacious sheltered carpark which is very suitable for beginners. I have never thought that I could get on a bicycle on my own. As for my daughter, I was so happy to see her rolling with so much ease and with that gleam in her eyes.

The following day, we had our very first cycling at the park with the whole family!

It was an amazing and great experience! Thank you Fai!

Emilÿ GäMäç